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Kirkwood Ski Team Update 11/27/18

Dear Kirkwood Ski Team,

The long summer wait is finally over, skiing is here. Many of you took advantage of last week’s surprise storm with Kirkwood opening up three chairs on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. This is a great start to our season and it’s still only November! We have several important ski team topics to review so please be sure to read through the entire e-mail. Additionally, we will soon be moving to our Team Snap communications for all age group communications and updates. You will need to sign up to receive the updates and it is simple and free. If you are new to KSEF please be sure to review the attached Orientation document.

KSEF Race Team Opening Day Saturday, December 1st
We will be starting the KSEF 2018/2019 Race Team program on Saturday, December 1st. In looking at the forecast you will need to make sure that you dress warmly and are ready to ski in powder as well as groomers. Saturday will be a delayed start for KSEF athletes; plan to arrive at the team room at 9:30 AM and get on the hill at 10:00 AM. The delayed start will be in place for Saturday only, Sunday we will arrive in the team room at 8:30 AM and be on the hill at 9:00 AM sharp. Please be sure to try on your ski boots before you arrive and check your skis and bindings so everything fits correctly and is ready to go. Plan to bring both race skis and your all mountain free skis since we may be in fresh snow all weekend. Jr. Devos and Masters will begin their programs next Saturday, December 8th.

KSEF Team Uniforms:
Our new Descente team jackets have not arrived yet. That means you will need to wear your own jackets and pants for the first weekend. Once we have the product in hand we will announce our plans to get the uniforms to you. We have a new purchase option this season for jackets and pants. You can purchase your jackets or use them on our seasonal rental program. Purchase and rental pricing will be available once the jackets are delivered. KSEF Team uniforms are required for participation in KSEF. Lastly, we will not have any old uniform jackets available for use since they are all packed away.

Athletes Season Passes:
Once again Kirkwood is offering to KSEF athletes the option to purchase a foundation pass. This pass is for all three Tahoe area Vail Resorts and is non-restricted. It is very important to have a non-restricted pass to allow for participation in KSEF training during all Blackout periods. You can go to the Kirkwood pass office to make this purchase. Simply give them your name and state that you are on the KSEF Athlete list. You will need an adult/parent present to complete the Liability Release form as well as make the payment. Pricing for these passes for teens is $600.00 and for Child is $300.00. If you have already paid for a lesser pass you can make the changes and pay any added costs if necessary.

Liability Release Forms:
Available on our website in the registration section is our Liability Release form. It is mandatory to have a new updated completed ROL submitted to us this season. You MUST bring this with you or complete and e-mail to me no later than Thursday, November 29th by 11:00 AM.

Team Room Updates and Locker Assignments:
This season we are running short on lockers due to our increased enrollment. That means U12/10 and Jr. Devo athletes will start out the season sharing lockers. They are plenty big for the required skis you will have. Once we get the new lockers completed and installed we will begin to spread out to single locker usage.

Parents, please avoid going into the team room as much as possible. If you need to help your athletes get dressed and help with boots, please try to do this in the hallway. We have limited space and we need as much room for the athletes and coaches to be able to do their jobs. Under no circumstances will parents be allowed to store their equipment in the athlete’s lockers.

Thanks and see you all on Saturday morning 🙂