Dear KSEF Athletes, Parents and Supporters,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 KSEF ski season. Even though it is still 85+ degrees outside and winter seems like a long distant activity, we are all busy with race/event scheduling, coaches education and KSEF team planning. We are excited to announce several updates along with opening up our 2019-2020 team registration on Monday August 23, 2019. You can also go to our website at for additional information.

Coaches Corner:
This season we will have ample coaches serving our program at all age group levels. Our returning youth coaches, Jim Bell, Alisa Ferrier, Cory Harris, Dana Keith, Mark Payne, Brynna Reilly, Bryce Wehan, Luke Walters, Holly Pounders and Matthew Shick, and Masters coaches Tomasz Kalkowski and Patrick Traynor, along with several other new coaches who will be announced soon, are all excited and ready to get back on snow as soon as the mountain opens for skiing.

KSEF Team Programs:
This season along with our regular Race Team program we will be offering a full time Race Team training program for those athletes who are available and able to train full time. Our full time training team will be on snow 5-6 days a week with some rest days as schedules and weather dictate.

Jr. Development Team:
Our Jr. Development Team is for athletes ages 6-10 years old. The emphasis on the Jr. Devo Team is to acquaint the athletes to ski racing with a mixture of training gates and an abundance of free skiing our great mountain. Jr. Devo team members are eligible to race in all Tahoe League races and can even dabble in the Far West series once they are skiing to the necessary skill levels and approved by our U12/10 coaching staff. Jr. Devos will be meeting every weekend and holidays including our holiday training camp scheduled during the Christmas/New years holiday time frame. Mid week, Friday and early load training is not included with Jr. Devo Team activities. Please see the KSEF team schedules for additional information.

Youth Race Team:
Our regular Youth Race Team will remain virtually unchanged this season. The youth race team will be focusing on upper level race training as well as free skiing as much as possible. Our race team will be training Friday through Sunday every weekend throughout the entire season including all holidays, early loads and holiday training camps. Our race team athletes are encouraged to race in all Far West and Tahoe Parallel Series races events. Alpine race training will be an emphasis with our youth race team.

Full Time Race Training Team:
The full time race training team will be an extension of our Youth Race Team. The biggest difference is that in addition to weekends and holiday training; the full time team will be training Monday-Fridays all season long allowing athletes to obtain the greatest amount of race training exposure. Athletes will need to work-out all school schedules with their local schools and maintain good grades in order to participate. The emphasis of the full time training team option is to allow those athletes who are dedicated to ski racing the greatest opportunity KSEF can provide for them to achieve their individual goals and successes. Full time training team and race team athletes will be training together on all Friday, weekend and holiday training sessions. The full time training team costs are based upon a minimum of 6 athletes and will be slightly higher due to the increased coaching costs and related expenses.

Masters Race Team:
Once again we are offering our masters team to all athletes 21 years old and older. This program is open to anyone who likes to improve their general skiing skills along with gate training as well as dabbling into racing in USSA masters races. Masters will be training Friday’s (open gate training) and Saturdays along with all holidays, early loads and holiday training camps. Sundays will also be included for the hardcore masters athletes depending upon out athlete counts.

High School Alumni Team:
Our High School Alumni team is for those athletes who are in High School and are not available to train full time nor are they planning to race. This team is exclusively for returning HS aged KSEF athletes who have excelled at other sports and academic activities and are not able to dedicate themselves to Ski Racing full time but still desire to improve their overall skiing and race skills. HS Alumni athletes will be allowed to train on Fridays, weekends and holidays with our race team athletes. Acceptance is based upon qualifying and space is limited. High School Alumni team athletes are permitted to race provided they pay the added fee for away races.

***All programs, except Jr. Development Team, include away coaching for all Far West races and age group championships. A schedule of designated team races will be presented in early December by our coaching staff. Any out of region races or additional in region invitational races will be at the sole expense of the athlete’s family.
***Please note, all tuition pricing is valid through September 31st only. Beginning Oct. 1st we have an increase of $200.00 per athlete in each program. On Nov. 1st the tuition will increase an additional $400.00 and after December 1st the tuition’s will increase by $500.00. Team logo wear sizes cannot be guaranteed after our October 31st deadline as we will be guessing at the actual sizes of the athletes. New athletes joining after deadlines will not be penalized.

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